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Essential Documents for Stewards

Muster Days

Our regular Muster Days are designed to boost the Barony’s arts and combat activity, promoting variety by having them hosted by a different person or group each time. Each Muster Day ideally involves:

  • A public, no-cost venue, so that newcomers can be easily invited along and passing public drawn in
  • A combat form, e.g. various heavy tournament forms, archery tournament, indoor boffer tournament in winter, canoe jousting on the Avon...
  • Arts & Sciences "show-and-tell" sessions, where participants are invited to discuss their latest project or problems in a relatively informal fashion
  • The teaching and practice of one dance
  • The teaching and practice of one song
  • A selection of books brought from the Baronial library

How to run a Muster Day

Any local SCA member can run a Muster Day, though it pays to start 6-8 weeks out unless you are using a free venue, such as Richmond Village Green. Here's how:

Health and Safety

The City Council paperwork may request details of a Health and Safety plan. Something along these lines will usually suffice for the events we run:
"Combat will take place behind a roped off area, parents will be made aware that they are responsible for the safety of their own children, before starting there will be a full check of all equipment, and the people conducting the checks and marshaling the combat are very experienced and working in accordance with written safety rules developed during the past 40 years."

Well in advance

  • Scout one or two venue possibilities with good space, shade (if summer), and public visibility, preferably handy to public transport too
  • Before you start firming up a date, check with the Seneschal to see whether a Muster or similar event has already been planned near your preferred date
  • Also check with the Baron and Baroness if you will be wanting them there, just in case they have other commitments
  • Email or phone Tanya Cokojic or Tim Scandrett (941 8266) at the City Council to see whether your preferred venue(s) are available. If so, you can pencil in a booking and ask them to email the necessary paperwork to you. Note: Some venues, such as Richmond Village Green, require only 48 hours notice and no paperwork, but it is still a good idea to notify them well in advance so the Council's "What's On" website can publicise the event
  • Once you have a venue and penciled booking, ensure the Seneschal has consulted the Baronial Council or, if time permits, bring the proposal to Council yourself. At the very least, ensure you have the Seneschal’s and Reeve’s signatures on an Event Proposal (see Steward Assistance box on the Steward’s page).
  • The City Council paperwork -- if required -- is long but not arduous. You’ll need to fill it out, get the Seneschal's signature, and include a printout of this insurance certificate when you fax or mail it all in. You should mention that a sunshade or similar item (e.g. the Baronial Pavilion) will be erected, and also the list-field ropes & poles. The CCC person may put you on to someone else who can help you ensure that the pegs etc. won’t penetrate power or water services which may run through your site, e.g. Orion Power’s mapping service, 363 9898.
  • If there is a Health and Safety question, see the box at right. The address you should give (e.g. for invoices) is your own, then just pass it on to the Seneschal or Reeve.
  • Once the paperwork is in, you'll get a fairly prompt call from the City Council confirming that the site is reserved for you
  • Decide on a theme, if you want one, and use that to determine your choice of combat form, dance, song and any pre-prepared A&S offerings. Feel free to consult with the A&S Minister to assist with these areas.
  • Notify the Chronicler and Webscribe of the relevant details, and put your first announcement out to the sgannounce email list (you don’t need to explicitly join this list to send a message to it, and any message sent there will automatically go to sgdiscuss as well)

A week ahead

  • Make sure you have a Marshal-in-Charge arranged for the day if one will be required; contact the Baronial Marshal if you haven't already done so
  • If you will be requiring Lists for a tourney, contact the Lists officer also
  • Similarly, if you will be needing a Herald
  • Contact the Chatelaine to ask them or their deputy to be on-hand, with leaflets etc. for newcomers and passers by
  • Arrange to visit the Quartermaster and pick up the list-field gear, the "" banner, the Baronial first-aid kit and, if stored with the Quartermaster, the marshals' tabards and poles
  • Send at least one further reminder to the sgannounce email list

On the day

  • Print out and take along a copy of each of the forms in this document. For a typical Muster on a public site, these will only need to be filled in by those entering the "controlled area" of the list-field, i.e. fighters, marshals and perhaps Herald (the Lists officer may be willing to take care of sign-ins for you)
  • Get there about half an hour early and set up the list-field, allowing space for the Baronial Pavilion (if it is coming) where it can provide the best shade. Also set up the banner, and a shady spot for whoever is managing the Lists
  • Ensure that the first aid kit and, if needed, the marshals’ tabards and poles are on site
  • Ditto music/musicians/minstrel-box as required for the dance and song instruction, plus anything required for A&S
  • The Barony may have agreed to cover site fees (if any), or perhaps just to cover shortfalls in donations -- check with the Seneschal if in doubt. If donations are requested, pass the hat at a good time, e.g. just after the fighting ends
  • When the event is ended, pack up all gear and tidy the site


  • Promptly return all gear whence it came, or to the Quartermaster
  • Count any money collected, and get it to the Reeve
  • Get the sign-in forms to the Seneschal
  • Send a thank-you note to those who helped, including those at the City Council: they will all doubtless appreciate it