Where to Shop

The notes below about possible sources of SCA combat gear should not be regarded as endorsements of any of the suppliers noted. Always start by asking on the Southron Gaard Discussion list, just in case one of our members has some stock of what you are seeking, or can offer good, up-to-date advice about where to look.

  • Armourer Available:
    Lord Dieter is available to assist with any kind of armouring project -- creation, maintenance, repair... Tel: 03 360 0909.
  • Fibre/"strapping" tape for arrows, swords etc. 3M catalogue number 8957NA for the 1" width. It can be bought at Shardlows in Saxon St, between Cashel and Tuam Sts, near (a little beyond) Fitzgerald Ave. In Australia, can be easily bought at Bunnings, Mitre 10 etc. for about $A9 a roll.
  • Combat Archery blunts (Riverhaven Mk II): These are often available locally in small quantities, or from THL Emrys (below). Otherwise, you can import them for around $A1.10 each, plus postage, by contacting the Seneschal of either the Barony of River Haven, or the Barony of Politarchopolis. See this page for contact information for these groups.
  • Period bows and other archery gear: THL Emrys Tudur, from the Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland) is frequently able to supply period-style bows, arrows, feathers, shafts, points and blunts, and often travels to these parts. You can contact him at: this address.
  • General archery gear: Aim-Tru Archery, 34 Mowbray St, Waltham, Tel: 962 5920.
  • Wildmoor Gambeson pattern and instructions for assembly may be found here
  • Leonhart's list of useful links: Armour suppliers, and training resources Continued here
  • Groin protection, for females and males: Seven Samurai is a good start
  • General "stuff": A browse around the Super Shed recycling centre in Pages Rd can often turn up useful things at drastically low prices, and Terra Nova in Buchanans Rd, Hornby can help you source "waste" products with similar potential for taking on a new SCA life.