Lost Property List

If you spot something of yours listed below, please contact the Constable to arrange its return for the usual penalty.

Canterbury Faire 2013

Lost Property up to CF 2013

Photos - click for large version

2 plates left at Heorot encampment - top
2 plates left at Heorot encampment - bottoms
  • Burgundy hat with white pearls
  • Kathmandu towel bag
  • Green sketch book
  • white linen bonnet/cap
  • white napkin
  • white tea towel
  • small net bag w/three game pegs
  • black net bag
  • logitech computer speakers
  • light green bucket hat
  • blue hanky initialled TC
  • square candle lantern
  • packet 3 leather point sewing machine needles
  • light blue napkin
  • brown hooded cloak w/ lace edges
  • blue swimming goggles
  • children's blue leggings
  • orange oven mitt
  • wooden bead w/ string attached
  • white arabic robe/ black trim
  • blue ladies jacket/ modern
  • sash cord
  • 7th wave straw hat
  • maroon flannel
  • white table runner / tassels
  • cream flannel / zebra
  • green baby sling?
  • Red woolen cloak / silver clasp
  • blue sleeping bag stuff sack
  • black sleeping bag stuff sack
  • 2 x purple torse
  • orange folding scissors
  • green bunnings bag
  • home made leather kneepad?
  • Green shopping bag
  • blue/yellow glass bead on blue ribbon
  • red upholstery fabric
  • white cloth with painted circle and sword x 8
  • large strip red bunting
  • yellow dish cloth
  • ordo signy bottle bag
  • white bottle bag
  • small lace edge hanky white
  • shiny silver hair net w/ pearls
  • green tea towel
  • red check dish cloth
  • red white leather gloves
  • black fur trimmed raincoat
  • black beaded necklace w/ red pendant
  • red tabard shoulder with white pig and embattled bend
  • small brown padded leather glove
  • pillow blue case
  • pillow white floral case
  • small chain of brass bells
  • pearl necklace
  • wooden bead with purple and white cord
  • pewter acorn headed pin.
  • Six folding camp chairs
  • ex army blanket
  • barrista's apron black
  • starret tools sunglasses
  • bbq cleaning tool
  • embroidered white pouch
  • yellow cotton scarf/ veil
  • orange hair brush
  • small wooden spoon
  • blue kaos t shirt
  • blue lined woolen hood
  • fluffy dog soft toy
  • trailer reg key and warrant for trailer N331H
  • woolen check pants
  • sink plug w/ wire
  • blue polar fleece hood
  • papers including copies of religious book
  • arming cap white
  • leopard print purple pants
  • black canvas shoes sie 5
  • vodaphone cellphone
  • black check wool pants
  • blue cotton beach pants
  • purple “now” t shirt
  • kathie kodak bracelet
  • k williams bottle opener
  • large woven wooden bowl
  • blue bag containing water jug plate kfs and brass beaker

Left at Heorot encampment

  • wooden plate: reverse reads "Kauri Puketi Forest, N.Z." and off to bottom left "R".
  • metal dish/plate