Order of Precedence and Arms

The Order of Precedence lists the various awards given out in recognition of the individual's contribution to the Barony or Kingdom. This listing is maintained locally and is usually more up-to-date than wider listings.

If there are any problems with your entry -- an incorrect spelling, a missing award -- please contact the Baronial Herald. If you want to find out what awards are supported, and how the Lochac (current Kingdom) awards compare to the Caid (former Kingdom) ones, check out the OP and Awards links.

Other online OPs which might prove of interest:

Please be aware that many of the gentles listed have equal precedence and so the name order does not necessarily reflect rank.

For information on our Baronial awards and their recipients, see Baronial Traditions.

Is someone missing because they do not yet have a Kingdom Award? Or do you think someone below is deserving of a particular award but they do not yet have it? Then make a recommendation, whether for a Kingdom Award or a Southron Gaard Baronial Award!