Heraldic display is an instantly recognisable aspect of the medieval world and everyone in the SCA is encouraged to register a device (coat of arms) and their SCA name with the SCA's own College of Heralds. Our populace page has some examples of people's names.

To be registerable your SCA name and device need to follow certain rules and not be identical to any already registered. There are many resources available to provide heraldic assistance, a number of which are listed below. Luckily there are people who find this fascinating and are keen to help you, these people are called book heralds. You are strongly urged to talk with a well-versed book herald prior to making any arms submission.

A number of kingdom awards carry with them the injunction to register a device. Awards also assign a certain degree of status in the SCA and the Order of Precedence orders the populace based on the various awards given out in recognition of that individual's contribution.

As well as helping people design their names and devices and managing the awards data heralds herald at courts and on the tourney field and occasionally make announcements as required at events. It is a SCA custom that when the herald speaks (usually preceded by an "OYEA OYEA") everybody falls silent so that they can hear what is about to be said.

Heraldry Resources