Communications in the Modern Middle Ages does not require a quill or mule - though use of period communication practices is to be encouraged! The Barony currently supports a monthly From the Tower newsletter (available free electronically or in print for a modest subscription). Also available online is Pegasus, the Kingdom of Lochac's monthly newsletter, available only to members of SCA Australia or SCA New Zealand.

The Kingdom of Lochac has a series of publications. Potentially of greatest general interest is the Kingdom arts and sciences publication Cockatrice. The SCA Inc. also publishes and distributes a variety of publications, most notably Tournaments Illuminated and the Compleat Anachronist.

Electronic communications, in the form of mailing lists also provide a means for people to ask questions, discuss issues and learn of upcoming events.

Mailing Lists

To participate in discussions, ask questions, talk to the populace and hear about forthcoming events, join the Southron Gaard Discussion list.

If you want to receive only important announcements, generally of forthcoming events and activities, and no other postings, you can join the Southron Gaard Announcement list.
Please note that any posting made to Announcements list is automatically forwarded to the Discussion lists (SGdiscuss, ) — you do not have to join both announcement and discussion type lists unless you wish to post to Announcements.
Also note that you must be a member of any list that you wish to post to.
To unsubscribe from a list use the above links to go to your account details

You might also be interested in more regional news. If so, please join the Hamlet of Wildmoor (Dunedin) Discussion list or the Hamlet of Gildenwick (Nelson) Discussion list.

If you'd like to join in general discussions among the broader populace which inhabits these fair isles, both Southern and Northern, then join the Althing list.

If you'd like to hear what's happening even further abroad, you can join the Kingdom of Lochac's mailing list, known as The Shambles. There is also a range of other Kingdom and special-interest lists on this page, and you may also want to visit the Lochac Guilds page for more possibilities.

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From The Tower

William Blackfox Award logo From the Tower is the newsletter for the Barony of Southron Gaard. It is produced monthly. In 2012 FTT won the William Blackfox Award for best overall SCA newsletter.

FTT current issue and archives.


Pegasus is the official newsletter for the Kingdom of Lochac, emailed to members of SCA Australia or SCA New Zealand. Each edition, including back-issues, can also be accessed online by members of either group. Typical contents:

  • Kingdom Calendar
  • a column from Their Majesties
  • the Kingdom Seneschal's column
  • columns or notices from other Officers
  • award notices
  • event listings and advertisements for significant events throughout the Kingdom
  • SCAA and SCANZ information and notices
  • Rules or Law changes
  • Kingdom Regnum


Cockatrice is the quarterly Arts and Science publication for the Kingdom of Lochac. The editions are distributed in January, May, July and November in line with Crown Tourneys and Coronations. Currently it is emailed out in a PDF format or can be received via Dropbox. Subscriptions are free and available by emailing Elisabetta Foscari.

Tournaments Illuminated

Tournaments Illuminated is the quarterly journal of the SCA, published in the United States, for distribution to members by subscription. It covers a range of material that furthers research, education, and "living history" recreation in the field of pre-seventeenth-century Western culture, as well as Corporate policy statements and announcements from Corporate officers. There is a Tournaments Illuminated index by topic so that you can order individual issues.

Compleat Anachronist

The Compleat Anachronist is a pamphlet series published four times a year; each issue focuses on a specific topic (see the list of issue topics here).

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Other SCA publications

The SCA Inc.'s stock clerk carries other publications of interest such as the Known World Handbook and merchandise. In the past we have had some success at reducing costs buy doing group purchases.