Traditions and Awards

In over a quarter of a century, Southron Gaard has developed a number of fine Traditions and Customs, based on history, practice and the fertile imaginations of its people. This section records some of these.

Baronial Awards

In addition to Kingdom Awards, Southron Gaard has its own special awards for members of its populace:

L'Ordre du Coeur Loyal

The Barony’s premier award for those who by their efforts, attitudes, demeanor and example to others, represent the ideals of the Dream.

Blazon: Gules, a Canterbury cross and in chief three mullets argent

  • Awarded A.S. LVI: Baronesa Isabel Maria del Aguila
  • Awarded A.S. LV: THL Joana de Bairros and Lady Mathilde de Villiers
  • Awarded A.S. LIV: Mistress Ginevra di Serafino Visconti
  • Awarded A.S. LII: Master Brian di Caffa and Sir Sigurd Hardrada
  • Awarded A.S. LI: THL Aveline Goupil
  • Awarded A.S. L: Sir Callum Macleod
  • Awarded A.S. XLVIII: Meisterin Christian Baier
  • Awarded A.S. XLVIII: Mistress Antonia Di Benedetto Calvo
  • Awarded A.S. XLVII: THL Richard d'Allier
  • Awarded A.S. XLIV: Mistress katherine kerr
  • Awarded A.S. XLII: Mistress Taddea di Giorgio Mellini
  • Awarded A.S. XLI: Mistress Roheisa le Sarjent
  • Awarded A.S. XL: Sir Vitale Guistiniani
  • Awarded A.S. XXXIX: Sir Tycho Julso
  • Inaugural Award: Mistress Eleanora van den Bogaerde

The Order of the Tour d'Or

An award for services to the Barony, whether that service be in the field of administration, combat, arts and sciences, stewarding or other activities. The field of service will be specified at the time of the award, and it may be awarded to the same recipient for different fields of endeavour or for continued and exemplary service.

Blazon: Gules, a tower Or, in chief three Canterbury Crosses argent, a bordure Or

Awarded A.S. LV

  • Master Richard d'Allier (Services to the growth of the Barony)
  • Lady Rosanella Soranzo (Services as Chirugeon, CF plague organisation)
  • Lady Amabilia Thexton (Services to the Coronets, Services to Gildenwick)

Awarded A.S. LIV

  • Lady Eryl of Gildenwick (Generosity and services to Gildenwick)
  • Lady Margaretta Haywards (Services to the stomachs of the Barony, Hire Garb)
  • THL Þorvaldr inn Suðreyski (Heavy Fighting wrangling in Gildenwick)
  • Lord Tetsu Yasuda (Encouraging A&S, Archery)
  • Lady Rosanella Soranzo (Courtesy, many acts of Service)
  • Master Brian di Caffa (Services to Custard)
  • Lady Ellen of Wyteley (Services to Custard)

Awarded A.S. LIII

  • Lady Enith verch Gwilim (Dance and Music)
  • Lady Edith Winter (Courtesy, Grace and Policy work around the F.A.T.)
  • Lord Kotek Torzhokskoi (Brewing, Food, Fibre Arts)
  • Lady Adrienne Furet (Courtesy, Stewarding, services to Court)
  • Lady Gisle Akselsdatter (Fighting, Courtesy)
  • Lord Lowrens Williamson (Woodwork, Music, CF Ball, Courtesy)
  • Lady Vigdis Svínahildardóttir (Fighting, New Comers, Food, Children, Courtesy, Music)

Awarded A.S. LII

  • Lady Iuliana Morosini (Music)
  • Lady Elena Sophia di Luciano dei Medici (Stewarding)
  • Lady Ellen of Whytely (Cooking)
  • Lord Osbeg (Service inc. flaming list fields, armour and general helpfulness)
  • THL James (Service inc. Mong, Reeve, Rapier and general awesomeness)
  • Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg (Stewarding and general helpfulness)
  • THL Elisabetta Foscari (Cooking)
  • Lady Fiora Vespucci (Heraldry, A&S and services to Gildenwick)

Awarded A.S. LI

  • Lady Ringwar Northwood (CF, Childrens)
  • Baroness Helouys le Pous (CF esp Meals)
  • Mistress Leta von Goslar (CF, and many other services to the Barony)
  • Baroness Agnes Greye (Court Physician, Sciences)
  • Lady Melissa Wiffels (Arts, Service)
  • Lord Nathaniel d'Avrances (Arts, Service)
  • Master Brian de Caffa (Monthly tournaments)
  • Lord Bjorn Svartson (CF Site liasing and work)
  • Lady Cecily de Montgomery (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding)

Awarded A.S. L

  • Lady Csepereke Fārkus (Children's Activities)
  • Lady Agnes Greye (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding, CF meal Plan)
  • Mistress Katherina Weyssin (Dance and Music)
  • Lady Elena Sophia de Luciano de Medici (Fencing, Heay fighting, stewarding)
  • The Honorable Lady Aveline Goupil (Arts and Sciences, Stewarding)

Awarded A.S. XLVIII

  • Lord Luan an Fael (Children's Boffer and Chivalry Training)
  • Lord Darius (Archery)

Awarded A.S. XLVII

  • Lady Chunegund Screivogelin
  • Lady Myrun Johansdottir
  • Lady Edith Winter

Awarded A.S. XLIV

  • Lord Godfrey de la Pole (Services to Feast Cooking)
  • Lady Agnes de kyrri (Services to the Mangy Mongol)
  • Lady Elisabetta Foscari (Services to the Baronial Court)

Awarded A.S. XLIII

  • Lord Raife de Massard (Exemplary work as Quartermaster and steward)
  • Lady Sibylla Cuspinian (Keeping everybody fed at CF)
  • Ignatius Musaeus (Cockatrice and many other services to Castelburn)
  • Lady Eydís of St Kessog (Fimbulwinter and many services to St Kessog)
  • Lady Nataliya the Kievan (Dance)
  • Lady Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti (Lists, minutes, Court and many other services to the Barony)

Awarded A.S. XLII

  • Lady Isabell Winter (Cooking efforts and organising Equestrian)
  • Lady Amalie of Southron Gaard (Organising transport to and from CF)
  • Lord Bjorn Svartsson (Midwinter logistics and security)

Awarded A.S. XLI

  • Lord Dauid de Cochrane (archery)
  • Dama Antonia di Benedetto Calvo (treasury and cooking)
  • Don Martuccio Cavalcanti Lorenzo de Medici (rapier)
  • Lady Emma of Wolvercote (dance)
  • Lord Dieter Eric von Metzge (armouring)

Awarded A.S. XL

  • Baroness Sinech ingen Chonchobair hui Briuin (chronicler)
  • Lady Iulianna of Southron Gaard (lists and minute-keeping)
  • Master William de Cameron, from Ildhafn (web resources/assistance)
  • Lord Miles de Warde, from Darton (CF war scenario designs)
  • Mistress Isabel Maria del Aguila (arts)
  • Lady Elen Benet (music)
  • Lord Peregrine Flamstead (heraldry)

Awarded A.S. XXXIX

  • THL Richard de Allier
  • Lord Geoffrey Fitzwilliam
  • THL Duncan Kerr

Inaugural Holder: Sir Vitale Giustiniani

To recommend someone for a Baronial Award, send a letter of recommendation to the Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard. You may also wish to consider recommending them for a Kingdom Award.

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Baronial Relics

Here are presented the ancient and treasured Relics of the Barony of Southron Gaard.
(Photos courtesy of Lord Edward the Discalceate unless credited elsewhere)

Yagiri no Tetsu

YAGIRI NO TETSU was first presented by Lord Yasuda Tatsu'aki at Canterbury Faire A.S. LIV. It is awarded for the highest collective score for all archery competitions combined at Canterbury Faire. It is a grand prize for the archer who gained the highest total, and the only way to achieve this is to demonstrate skill in every discipline on offer throughout the Faire. While its likely that the archer holding it scored highest in every competition, it is also possible that an archer could come second or even third consistently but shoot more competitions than their fellows. In this way it awards not just skill but dedication.

Holders of Yagiri no Tetsu

  • ASLV Tom of Southron Gaard
  • ASLIV Baron Sympkyn of the Moor

Newcomer's Stool

The Newcomer's Stool was first presented by Lady Vigdis Svínahildardóttir at Canterbury Faire A.S. LIV. It is awarded to a newcomer for their helpfulness. The prize is a 'waldo' (a stool created by Waldo each year at Canterbury Faire).

Recipients of the Newcomer's Stool

  • ASLIV Tom of Southron Gaard

Fleur de Galant

Fleur de Galant

The Fleur de Galant was created countless years ago by Mistress Roheisa le Sarjent to recognise significant acts of chivalry or courtesy by members of the Barony, whether on or off the tourney field.

The holder should wear it at all times and be constantly seeking a new candidate, to whom they award it at Court.

If a new bearer is not found within two Quarter Days, the Fleur is returned to the Baron and Baroness, who will continue the search.

Current holder: Lady Amabilia Thexton, awarded at Baronial Anniversary, AS LV
Recent holders: Master James of Southron Gaard, awarded at Canterbury Faire, AS LI, Lord Philippe de Carillion, Awarded at Baronial Anniversary, AS L, Lady Sybilla Cuspinian, awarded at Baronial Anniversary, AS XLI, Lord Gavin of Southron Gaard, awarded at the Spring Quarter Day, AS XLI, Lord Stephen of the Hospital, awarded at Canterbury Faire, AS XL

Thorfyrd's Torc

Thorfyrd's Torc

THORFYRD'S TORC was first presented by Thorfyrd Hakonsen in A.S. XXVI (1992), at the inaugural Thorfyrd's Torc Tournament. It was awarded to the victor of the tournament, who was then responsible for organising the next one the following year.

This tradition continues, with the current holder being Baron Grim of Thornby, who won it AS55 at Canterbury Faire.

Previous holders of Thorfyrd's Torc

  • Sir Vitale Giustiniani, who won it in the AS XL "May Day" Muster.

Thorfyrd's Arrow

Thorfyrd's Arrow

THORFYRD'S ARROW was first found and presented by Alexander von Thurn (Simeon), named in honour of Thorfyrd Hakonsen, and is traditionally contested at Canterbury Faire. It is traditionally awarded to the final archer, whether bow or crossbow, who is able to strike the target while the distances are progressively increased from round to round, but of late has been contested in double-elimination duel scenarios.

Recent holders of Thorfyd's Arrow

  • AS55 Sympkyn of the Moor
  • AS54 Darius Freeman
  • AS53 Darius Freeman
  • AS52 Baldwin the Wanderer
  • AS51 Richard d'Allier
  • AS50 Richard d'Allier
  • AS49 Angele de Savigny
  • AS46 Richard d'Allier
  • AS49 Angele de Savigny
  • AS46 Richard d'Allier
  • AS45 Angele de Savigny
  • AS44 Darius J'Fa
  • AS42 Sabine D'Anton
  • AS41 Darius J'Fa
  • AS37 Gilbert de Montforte
  • AS36 Gilbert de Montforte
  • AS33 Iarnulfr Thorolfsson
  • AS31 Bartholomew Baskin
  • AS30 Llewelyn ap Daffyd

Pen Gwynne War Pennants

Pen Gwynne War PennantsThe PEN GWYNNE WAR PENNANTS are four of a set of five pennants which were nobly and fairly won on the field of battle in the first Pen Gwynne War, held in A.S. XXVI (1992).

This war was fought by the doughty populace of Southron Gaard against invaders from the then Principality of Lochac. They had dared to contest our long-standing, just and permanent claim to the Great White Southern Land, and so threaten the prosperity and serenity of our peace-loving, fish-eating, dinner-jacket wearing compatriots in that land.

Although Southron Gaard acquitted itself so well that we won all FIVE war pennants, we took pity on our defeated opponents and allowed them to take one home with them, that they might never forget the lessons so firmly meted out to them on that occasion.

St Jude's Dagger

St Jude's DaggerSAINT JUDE'S DAGGER is of much antiquity. As all virtuous men know, St Jude spent much of his time, ministering in the sacred climes of Mesopotamia, much renowned for its dykes.

One sunny day, on the Lords business, Saint Jude was passing such a dyke, when he perceived an incipient leak. Being quick witted he plugged the hole with his finger, whereon he looked about for any soul to notify of his predicament, he perceived that other leaks were immanent as well. Not desiring to leave the first leak unattended, but keenly aware of the need for haste, he cut off his own finger and proceeded to raise the hue and cry.

St Judes Dagger is recognised as the very implement he used to thus sever his passion. It has traditionally been awarded to the winner of the tournament held each year at St Judes Faire. Early in its life it was smote mightily and reft in twain, but a blessing was bestowed upon it and it was reborn, its dull grey hilt being transformed into shining gold.

In recognition of its majesty, all recipients have glorified the dagger by the addition of a magnificent jewel, to which ends it has the magnificent visage it projects today.

The Bardic Cup

The Bardic CupThe BARDIC CUP was first awarded by the Honourable Lord Duncan Kerr in A.S. XXX (1996) and was repaired and enhanced at the hands of Lord Aelfric Branwelather in A.S XLII (2008). It is awarded by the current holder at each Canterbury Faire to the gentle or gentles, from within or without the Barony, who provided the best bardic performance at the event.

Holders of the Bardic Cup

  • AS55 Isaac of Gildenwick
  • AS54 THL Luan an Fael
  • AS53 Lady Greta of Gildenwick
  • AS52 Mistress Katherina Weyssin
  • AS51 Tessa of Southron Gaard
  • AS50 Albrecht of Stormhold
  • AS49 Mistress Rowan and Lord Nicodemus
  • AS48 Minerva's Tower (Edmund Kerr and Alanna Galliwoode from Aneala)
  • AS47 Csperka and the Children's Companie
  • AS46 Vitale Guistiniani
  • AS45 Bethan/Varndel and co for the Untold Tales of Bolkein readings
  • AS44 Baskin-Kerr for the Scottish Play
  • AS43 Katharina Weyssin
  • AS42 Finnr of St Kessog
  • AS41 Oswyn Carolus,
  • AS40 The Southron Gaard (now Southern Swan) singers, represented by Lady Elen Benet,
  • AS39 Lady Iuliana for her Ladies of the Rose song,
  • AS38 Baron Callum McLeod for his Canterbury Tales,
  • AS37 katherine kerr and Bartholomew Baskin for the Rose Challenge,
  • AS36 Mistress Rowena le Sarjent, Martuccio, Phoebe, Edward, Alexander, Genevive et al for the Tale of the Rent Boy,
  • AS35 The Wellington Medieval Guild for the ball and their demonstration dances,
  • AS34 Theresa of Darchester,
  • AS33 Mistress Rowena le Sarjent and Alvaro de la Rosa Negra for King & Queen of the Market,
  • AS32 katherine kerr,
  • AS31 Master Del,
  • AS30 katherine kerr.

The Battered Helm

The BATTERED HELM represents an ancient and honorable tradition in Southron Gaard. It is awarded by the current holder at a tourney of their choice to the perpetrator of the "most fitting death" during the tourney. The recipient may then take the helm and cause it to receive a new dent in a manner and style of their choosing, before awarding it themselves at the next suitable occasion.

The Helm has been so often awarded and so "well" used that, on at least one occasion, the recipient felt obliged to remove all previous dents before being able to add their own.

Current Holder: THL Richard d'Allier, awarded by Lord Dieter at the May Muster, AS XL.

Better Keeps and Baileys

The BETTER KEEPS and BAILEYS award was first presented in the mists of antiquity by Baroness Eleonora van den Bogaerde (then Lady Morgana de Maar). It is presented by the current holder to those, whether from within or without the Barony, who are responsible for the fairest and most period encampment at Canterbury Faire. It consists of a small Keep and small bottle (replenished by the current holder) of a beverage known as "Baileys".

Recent Holders of the Better Keeps and Baileys award

AS 55 Northside, rep Mistress Aliena de Savigny
AS 54 Lord Bjorn, Lady Vigdis and Fayde
AS 53 House Amberherthe and House Annwyn , rep Mistress Isabel Maria del Aguila
AS 52 Draco Viridis , rep Master Grim of Thornby
AS 51 The Artisans' Encampment, rep Master Jarnulfr Thorolfsson
AS 42 The Artisans' Encampment, rep. Sir Sebastian
AS 41 Lord Leifr Hrolfsson
AS 40 Lord Geoffrey and Lady Arabella
AS 39 Sir Asbjorn and Mistress Marianna

The Caidan Shield

The Caidan Shield

This is a former Royal Shield of the Kingdom of Caid, last borne here by King Edric III, and left in the keeping of THL Richard d'Allier upon the final departure of the Crown of Caid from these lands.

In A.S. XXXIX (2005), at the request of Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, and by the gift of Caid's then King, Direk Ivanovich IV, THL Richard's lady, THL Ethelind of Darkwood Keep, repainted it with the arms of Caid in escutcheon on a plain white "stranger's shield", and gave it a new purpose.

It is now known as THE CAIDAN SHIELD, and is presented to a newly-arming fighter and held by them for no more than two Quarter Days, then passed on at Court to another new fighter as proposed by the holder and approved by the Baron of Southron Gaard.

The name of the each holder is recorded on the back of the shield so that we may see the names of those who have come from such a beginning to become mighty in the field of martial prowess.

Holders of the Caidan Shield

  • Quentin, awarded at Baronial Anniverary, AS XLVII
  • Calach of Southron Gaard, awarded at Day of Tourneys, AS XLIII
  • Lord James of Southron Gaard, awarded at Yule, AS XLII
  • Raife de Massard, awarded at the October Muster, AS XLI
  • Thorald Inn Suðreyski, awarded at the Southron Gaard Siege Engine Challenge, AS XL.

Constable's Cup

In A.S. XL (2005), at the suggestion of the incoming Constable, Lord Fraser Coney, a tradition was inaugurated whereby the Constable carries a Large Cup, to be filled from time to time by members of the populace who may have committed minor infractions at events, or be claiming lost property; the nature of said liquid to be negotiated with the Constable at the time of filling. The Cup was made by the hands of Brian of Bexley, father of Lord Ronan mac Brian.

The Jewel of Southron Gaard

Jewel of Southron Gaard, Back Jewel of Southron Gaard, Front

In A.S. XL, at the request of Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, was inaugurated the JEWEL OF SOUTHRON GAARD, a beautiful token made by Sir Sebastian von dem Schwarztwald, and awarded to a gentle or gentles whose craft, display or instruction in the Arts & Sciences make them stand out among the populace.

A holder should wear it at all times and be constantly seeking a new candidate, to whom they award it at Court. If a new bearer is not found within two Quarter Days, the Jewel is returned to the Baron and Baroness, who will continue the search.

Holders of the Jewel of Southron Gaard

  • Lady Katherine Stewart, A.S. LVI
  • Lady Cecily de Montgomery, A.S. LII
  • Master Brian di Caffa, and Lady Ellen of Whitely, A.S. LI
  • The Honorable Lady Aveline Goupil, A.S. L
  • Lady Amalie von Brisache, A.S. XLIV
  • Lord Scottaidh mac Uilliam, awarded at Baronial Anniversary, AS XLII
  • Lady Mathilda de Villiers, awarded at Midwinter Coronation, AS XLII
  • Master Llewellyn ap Dafydd, awarded at the Spring Quarter Day (Bal d'Argent Tourney), AS XLI
  • Lord Peregrine Flamstead and Emayn de Whyttaker, awarded at Canterbury Faire, AS XL

The Crown Sword

In A.S. XLI, at the request of Bartholomew and katherine, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, was inaugurated the Crown Sword of Lochac. This mighty weapon consists of the wondrously light blade used by King AEdward Staedfaste to win November Crown XL, and a fine hilt made by Master Sigurd Hardrada, assembled by Capitano Martuccio Lorenzo Cavalcanti di Medici and inscribed by Mistress Roheisa le Sarjent, with a lanyard woven by Lord Dickon Baskin.

The CROWN SWORD is presented to a newly-arming fighter and held by them for no more than two Quarter Days, then passed on at Court to another new fighter as proposed by the holder and approved by the Baron of Southron Gaard.

Holders of the Crown Sword

  • Lady Rosanella Soranzo, awarded at Day of Tourneys AS XLIII
  • Raife de Massard, awarded at Baronial Anniversary, AS XLII
  • Oswyn Carolus, awarded at the October Muster, AS XLI

Harry's Helm

At Canterbury Faire A.S. LIV, Baron Grim and Baroness Alexandra declared that Harry's Helm will now be awarded to Youth Armoured Combatants. Previously, at Canterbury Faire, A.S. XLI, the former Page's Helm was renamed HARRY'S HELM in memory of a warrior and true son of Southron Gaard, and offered as a prize for valour in the Page's Tourney each Canterbury Faire. Harry's Helm was mounted and given an inscription by Lord Sventa Djaknson, father of the inaugural holder. Whenever it is awarded, the cheers for the winner will always be followed by "...and a cheer for Harry".

Holders of Harry's Helm

  • Nelson of Gildenwick, A.S. LV
  • Nelson of Gildenwick, A.S. LIV
  • Timmy of Gildenwick, A.S. LIII
  • Patrick of Southron Gaard, A.S. XLII
  • Ethan of Cluain, Canterbury Faire, A.S. XLI

Page's Coif

The PAGE'S COIF was first presented along with the Page's Helm (now Harry's Helm, see above) by Baron Master Sigurd Hardrada as a prize for boffer combat and, since Canterbury Faire A.S. XXXIX, was regarded as a prize for chivalry in the Page's Boffer tournament. At Canterbury Faire A.S. LIV, Baron Grim and Baroness Alexandra declared that the PAGE'S COIF will now be awarded to Youth Armoured Combatants.

Holders of the Page's Coif

  • Bjorn the Red, A.S. LV
  • William, A.S. LIV
  • Guinevere of Darton, A.S. LIII
  • Orla of Southron Gaard, A.S. XLII
  • Grace Kerr, A.S. XLI
  • Patrick Lotuleilei, A.S. XL
  • Dickon Baskin, A.S. XXXIX

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The Barons' Girth

Ensuring that the people of Southron Gaard know in what manner they are to fly the flag.

Whereas some of our folk have sought our counsel over matters of a sumptuary nature namely the size, style and form of Standards, Guidons and Pennons to be flown and displayed by Southron folk and whereas we have sought counsel with those who know such things we are pleased to declare that the following traditions shall apply in Southron Gaard.

Firstly while it is a matter of science that metal breastplates, leather belts and trousers do not keep a constant size but grow or more commonly shrink with the passing years the girth of Barons is as constant as men's chastity. Therefore the Barons' Girth shall be the unit of measure for all such heraldic flags. Having consulted with Baron Sigurd and taken careful note of sketches taken at our own stepping up we have determined that the Girth is approximately 35 of the new inches.

In standards, as in angling, size is important and we therefore determine the following. No person shall display or cause to be displayed any pennon which exceeds one and one third girths in length, any guidon which exceeds three girths nor any standard which exceeds eight girths except that they shall, at the occasion of the first event they attend following the Feast of the Circumcision, which as we all know marks a famous day in the Barony's history, perform for the delight of the assembled populace such songs plays or caperings as shall be seemly. Each year that they continue to make such a display shall they make this forfeit or else the Constable shall raise the hue and cry.

While it is mete that those who wish may display their allegiance to Lochac, Southron Gaard and by use of the Caidan Cross, Caid, no person shall be bound to do so in any fashion and any who would do so shall be proclaimed "Weedy Pigeons" and the hue and cry raised except if it be during the hours of darkness in which case only the hue shall be raised.

We further adjudge that puce, aubergine, magenta, taupe, aquamarine, and any colour that glows in the dark are colours of a foreign and generally unwholesome nature and that they have no place in banners in Southron Gaard unless the bearer shall be able to claim kinship with foreigners in which case the banner shall be regarded as merely suspicious but not malicious, malevolent, or an object of ridicule.

Depictions of buboes should be avoided like the plague.

We have noted with caution the tendency to "split the tail" of the standard and in an effort to provide a semblance of propriety we suggest the following. That those among our folk who by reason of culture, rank, title, marital status or academic standing feel it is appropriate for their own needs or who have taken diverse vows or who have sworn fearful and terrible oaths may partition the tail of their standards, pennons, guidons or other form as they deem appropriate to their station but that those who do so out of vainglory one-up-manship or from a sense of fashion should not do so and that any who do should surrender to the Constable any such offending standard at least one sennight before Canterbury Faire, at which faire the Constable shall rend it asunder and cast its parts to the four winds and if the constable shall deem needful, the case being grievous, pin the rags to the offender, or if the offenders are unable to bring themselves to part with their standard pay unto the constable one shilling for each girth in length of the offending standard.

None of these traditions shall, however, be used in any way to limit the rights of Southron folk to display upon such banners any mottoes, arms, devices, badges, achievements or logos as they shall justly or unjustly claim as their own nor shall it limit their right to graze upon such common land as the Barony shall acquire one and one half goats nor shall any save the King, His Queen or such Princes as he shall from time to time appoint to that station limit the right of Southron folk to keep and arm bears.
Callum and Chrettienne
(then) Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, A.S. XXXIX

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