Baronial Succession

On this page can be found information concerning the selection of the seventh Baronage of Southron Gaard in the fifty-fourth year of our Society.

Missive from The Crown:

It was Our very great honour to be able to announce in Court that the next Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard will be Master Grim of Thornby and Baroness Alexandra de Santiago. We wish them the very best in this demanding new role they are undertaking, and have every confidence they will be successful surrounded by such generous and supportive peoples as comprises Our Barony of Southron Gaard.



Richard and Ginevra
Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard

8th December 2019

The Crown of Lochac approved two sets of candidates to stand for selection.

The Candidates

These two couples have offered themselves for selection:

  • Master Grim of Thornby with Baroness Alexandra di Santiago
  • The Honourable Lord Cesare d'Orso with The Honourable Lady Violetta Vasari

A special meeting was held Wednesday 6th November to give the populace a chance to meet and ask questions of our two sets of Baronial candidates. For those who missed this meeting, an audio recording is available here.

A special edition of From The Tower can be found online here which contains the candidates Letters of Intent to the Crown

About the Poll

From Their Majesties,

Unto the conscientious populace of the Barony of Southron Gaard does Niall and Sabine, Undoubted King and Queen of Lochac, send warmest Greetings.

In conjunction with Their Excellencies Ginevra and Richard, We are undertaking an endeavour to poll the Populace to find your excellent Barony, worthy successors.
This task will be completed by use of a fairly simple Google Survey (link here). All responses will be collated directly by Us, and all individual commentary will confidential.
We welcome feedback from any gentles who feel strongly connected to Southron Gaard, though, much as you might anticipate, the opinions of the residents of Southron Gaard will take precedence.
The poll will close on Sunday, December 1, 2019, at 21:00 NZDT, so please file your responses as soon as possible.

Yours in Service to the Kingdom of Lochac,
Niall & Sabine