Southron Gaard Heraldic Challenge

This previous Baronial A&S challenge ran from Baronial Anniversary AS LII till Baronial Anniversary AS LIII, and was coordinated by Richard and Ginevra, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard. The content of this challenge has been retained for future reference below.

Richard and Ginevra, Baron and Baroness of Southron Gaard, in appreciation for heraldic display, and the high standards of inventiveness seen amongst the populace, would like to announce the Third Baronial Heraldic Challenge.

We shall offer prizes in the following categories:

  • Standards and Banners
  • Something to wear
  • Something to adorn you (jewellery, tokens, favours...)
  • Something to eat, or eat off (food, plates, glasswear, napkins)
  • Something to mark your territory (chairs, chests, cushions,...)
  • Something to protect you (umbrellas, shields, tents, buildings...)
  • Something to hide the everyday (throws, bags, things to keep the mundane out of sight)
  • and, to serve the barony (We have many projects that would be easier with more hands, such as blinging up the pavilion, helping make banners for the group, which we'll arrange workshops for through the year, but this would also include making a heralds tabard or ceremony cover to stay in Gildenwick, or Wildmoor and other things like that)

The Challenge shall run until next Baronial Anniversary, when we shall hope to see a magnificent display of both personal heraldry, or that of any awards you may have received.

Please direct any questions about the challenge to Baroness Ginevra.