Stewarding team

If you'd like to volunteer to assist an activity or you would like to take up a vacant post, please contact the Steward.

Position Holder
Steward Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg
Bookings Sir Ratbot von Borg
Meal Plan Co-ordinators Lady Heloyus Le Poer and The Honorable Lord Hadrian de Listrille
Herald in Charge Lady Fiora Vespucci
Constabulary and Packdown Steward Lord Raffe de Massard
Arts and Sciences Coordinator Lady Cecily de Montgomery
Rapier Coordinator Master William de Cameron
Heavy Tournaments and War Sir Tycho Julso and Master Brian di Caffa
Archery Coordinator Lord Darius
Ball Coordinator Mistress Katherina Weyssin
Children's Coordinator Lady Ringwar Northwood
Shuttle/ Transport Coordinator THL Aveline Goupil
Billets Coordinator Baroness Agnes Greye
Bunkroom Coordinator Sir Ratbot von Borg
Deputy Steward THL Raffe de Massard

Canterbury Faire AS LI will run from Saturday January 20 - Sunday 28 January 2018.
Faire Steward: Lord Maximillian von Monsterburg

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